Welcome To The South's Best City

Charleston is a truly rich city in terms of history. Its unique character is a mix of Southern "Low Country" style with European and Caribbean influence, while displaying patriotic American spirit. Its cobblestone streets, old church steeples, quaint balconies and palmetto-lined waterfront neighborhoods speak of history and charm.

During the last century many of the older buildings have been painstakingly restored to their original beauty, making Charleston one of the quaintest yet most sophisticated cities in the U.S. Charleston's historic preservation efforts means that you will not find tall buildings here! The city's friendly streetscape makes it ideal to walk around or enjoy a tour on a horse-drawn cart.

Today, Charleston offers modern world amenities and cultural events in a charming and romantic setting. Visitors can re-live the Civil War end enjoy true Southern hospitality in a city that has a great diversity of restaurants, art galleries and hotels.

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