April 10, 2018 | Alan Donald
You are in the market to buy a home and you found a house that's ideal for you - it is in the right location and meets all your "needs" and "wants". When you are ready to purchase a home, it is important to make the best, clean offer possible especially if it is a "Hot" buy. I will negotiate on your behalf to help you get the best house your dollar can buy. I can also act as a buffer to minimize the emotional elements so you can enjoy the process.

When you make an offer on a house, the seller can accept it, reject it, or counter it. If the offer is too low, the seller may reject it outright. Or the seller may counter the offer, naming a price or other specifications that are more in line with his or her expectations.
If a property is in strong demand, it may receive several offers. Then the seller may choose to accept the highest one or the one from the most qualified buyer.

Here are some tips to make sure your offer is accepted in any market:

  • Avoid making demands on the sellers for minor repairs, such as cutting down the dead tree in the back yard or conveying their plasma TV.
  • Limit your contingencies to those most important to you, such as financing, inspections, and the sale of your current home if necessary.
  • Be as flexible as possible about a proposed closing date to accommodate the seller's plans.
  • Include with your offer a full pre-approval letter from your local lender for the purchase of this particular property (without any amounts, to avoid showing your hand).
  • Offer a larger-than-usual earnest money deposit to persuade the sellers that you are a serious buyer and to make it harder for them to "just say no".
Each situation is different, but the "cleaner" and more "solid" your offer is, the more likely the sellers are to accept it!


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